Treasure 13 topaz and sapphire gold ring

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A unique, handcrafted ring set with precious stones. An exceptional piece from the Everyday Treasures collection. The EVERYDAY TREASURES collection refects the author's desire to enrich everyday life with something beautiful and extraordinary which will bring a little smile to your face even during an ordinary day. The name 'Everyday Treasures' becomes a challenge to every person with a love for jewellery, so that we do not reduce our dearest pieces only to beautify our special occasions. The name 'Everyday Treasures' also refers to the birth of the collection: as in the previous collections, the inspiration is everyday little things with an under-appreciated aesthetic value. Broken and scattered pieces of glass, wedged in the cracks between the cobblestones, glittering in the sun or in the light of public lighting like precious treasures. The collection follows the stylistic features of Marta's work: the basis is clean, minimalist lines, but at the same time, individual pieces of jewellery are characterized by somewhat chaotic, random and organic qualities. The author does not try to create uniform pieces, on the contrary - she tries to avoid them, highlight the added value and naturalness of hand-shaped jewellery and underline the beauty of the natural gems used.

Dimensions: band 1.5 x 1.5 cm, sapphire 3 mm, topaz 6 mm

Material: 9-carat yellow gold 375/1000, topaz 1.00 ct, sapphire 0.12 ct.

Weight: 2 g